Stay up-to-date on changing rules/regulations on safety and health topics. See below for Q&A from our members and presentations from some of our sponsored events - including, but not limited to: Breakfast Breakout and Company Spotlight. 

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  1. What steps are involved in the risk management process?
    There are different versions of the 5 steps involved depending on what you read, but here is a general overview: 1. Identify Hazards - Look for known and potential hazards. 2. Assess the Hazards - What is the potential for injury, etc...? 3. Risk Decisions - What is your plan to mitigate the risk? 4. Implement Controls - Put your plan in action. 5. Monitor & Assess
  2. With rules and regulations changing so much in safety, what is a good way to stay up-to-date?
    Join the Western Wisconsin Safety Council! If you want a great networking opportunity and access to experts in a variety of fields, then this is the group for you.
Incident Investigations 4.17
Safety Culture Review​ 5.19
Walking Working Surfaces 8.17
Safety Color Chart 5.19
Annual Meeting
Safety Culture Matrix 5.19
DuPont Safety Culture 5.19
Safety Culture Empowerment 5.19
SHP Assessment Worksheet 1.19
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